Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Under the Spaghetti Tree

I raise my hand, and when called upon, confidently ask my sixth grade science teacher, "does spaghetti grow on trees? because my dad keeps telling me that it does." My classmates roar in laughter at such a silly question and the science teacher smirks and replies, "No, I think your dad might be playing a joke on you."

The infamous spaghetti tree story has become a legend in our family. It has been told to boyfriends, my husband, my children, and even to family acquaintances. What can I say, I was twelve, and he is my dad, and he is really, really convincing.

The story of the spaghetti tree has stayed with me through the years. It's not that it doesn't exist, it lives through the telling of the story. For me, it represents what CAN exist. Somewhere, whether it be in your mind, your heart, your soul, or a physical space, the impossible can happen.

I have been trying to add more dimension to my drawings. This is the first time that I did not use a blending tool to smooth the graphite transitions. I used a 2H and an HB mechanical pencil.

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