Monday, January 21, 2013

Man and Dog painting Custom

Custom painting of Man and His Dog 16"x40" 

I have had quite a few requests for this painting and Woman and Her Dog. I guess I should finish the series. :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rewind: Year in Review 2012

My oh my, another year has passed. Big changes happened in 2012, most of them completely unexpected but exciting nonetheless. Some of the BIG life events that took place...

nikkiMdesign partnered with the Buffalo Design Collaborative
My baby started Kindergarten
We sold our home in the city and bought a farm in the country
My husband changed jobs
My father suffered a heart attack
I became a grandma

I have been putting off reviewing last years goals. Why? Because I know that I did not reach most of them, but I'm okay with it now. I tried my best and that is all I can do.  :) 

So...let's REWIND!

2012 Goals:

1 Work with my partner to establish Nest Interiors as the go to showroom.

Accomplished with slight changes.

I established nikkiMdesign as a full-time interior design and commission artwork business. nikkiMdesign partnered with the Buffalo Design Collaborative bringing nikkimdesign into the commercial design market. I created an online presence with the launch of my new website and social networks, as well as working with White Orchard Home Furnishings to provide educational design seminars to consumers. I have networked with new associations and brought my artwork and crafts to local markets. I am quite satisfied with the results of this goal. 

2. Triple sales through my Etsy shop.

Not accomplished.

I only doubled my sales with Etsy, however, I sold prints through society6 nikkimdesign shop and doubled my work doing commission paintings. So although I didn't specifically reach the goal as it was written, I did expand my brand. :) 

3. Read 14 novels this year.

Almost accomplished. 

I read 10 novels.

4. Learn/create urban/street art. Large scale.

Not accomplished.

Unfortunaetly, I did not find the time to work toward this goal. I think it is a good one to move to this year though. 

5. End of year goal weight...115 lbs.

Not accomplished.

I really hate this goal. It is cliche and I just can't seem to care enough to pursue it seriously. I need to rethink this one. Part of me would like to shave off about 10 lbs. and the other part of me thinks I look just fine! Meh.

6. Finish refinishing the hallway staircase.

Accomplished! And then we sold our house! :-P

Hmmm. I guess I didn't do as bad as I thought.

I would love to know...

Do you set goals or resolutions? How was your year?