Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bird on a Wire

I have a pet theory that to know when spring has arrived in Buffalo, you only have to look to the street lamps in the early hours of the morning. Buffalo gets cold, really cold for a long time. During these bitter months you won't see any birds meeting and greeting with each other perched atop a cold piece of steel. That would be foolish, their itty bitty footsies would freeze off. Is that where you would meet your neighbor for a morning cup of coffee in the Winter? No, I don't think so. Buffalo birds stay snuggled in their nests until things begin to thaw, so it's only when you start to see flocks of birds perched up on street lamps in the early mornings that you can be sure Spring has arrived.   

This idea and the new bohemian style that is taking the design world by storm, inspired me to create this acrylic painting, "Bird on a Wire". 

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