Monday, March 5, 2012

Winter Blues

It is March, dreary March. The skies have been grey for too long. The days are stale and mundane. This time of year is always a struggle for me, and I'm sure, you. I try to keep positive by surrounding myself with the ones I love, reading great books, and crafting, but somehow, every year at this time I get down.

So, in order to keep my spirits up, I decided to crochet something cute, bright, and fun...and these little bears were just perfect.

Their bright colors, goofy proportions, and itty bitty hearts have brought a little spring into my world over the past few days. I've set them on my table in the kitchen in front of a vase of flowers, and I think that is where they will stay for now. I am able to see them in the morning when I get my coffee, in the late afternoon when I'm making dinner, and just before bed when I turn off the lights in the house for the evening. Every time I pass by, they put a smile on my face.

Aren't they just adorable? I think I'm going to make a whole family of them. 

Tell me, how do you beat the winter blues?

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