Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RACE: It doesn't matter what color your skin, we all bleed the same

This painting was inspired by a recent event that took place in our community. From what I understand, a Caucasian mother and her son were getting out of their car at a shopping center parking lot when they were jumped by four African American woman and assaulted. The four woman yelled racial slurs at this woman while they attacked her. I was not there so I can not report on the entire story, however, we all know that racism is as present today as it was years ago. I just don't understand how somebody can hate and go as far as assault someone else that they have never met just because of their skin color...or sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political views, etc.

Why are we so cruel to one another?

This makes me very sad. I feel like we should be a much more tolerant society in 2012. We should be advancing, showing each other compassion and empathy. Why hasn't hate and intolerance been wiped from the world yet? We can cure disease, clone animals, and grow organs, but we can't stop hate. It is pathetic. We are weak and lazy when it comes to tolerance. We should all be ashamed of our societal behavior and our continued failure to change it.  

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